My existing website keeps breaking

My existing website keeps breaking

Over the years whilst working with clients at Peridot Web Design, I've met with many business owners who had paid out a great deal of money for a website, only for it to not work as it should in some way.

As a cleaning business owner, this is incredibly frustrating when you've put your trust (and cash) into another business to provide you with a website, and then they're nowhere to be seen when something has broken.

It's fairly inevitable in the world of websites that something will go wrong or break at some point. However, if someone is on hand to deal with these problems quickly before they either get bigger or cause the website to be down for a long period of time, then it gives you as the cleaning business owner one less thing to worry about.

At Cleaning Service Websites, there are a few things we do to prevent, solve and manage the issue of 'my website keeps breaking':

  • Updates & Checks - We manage all your website updates and run security checks, so it's not on you to make sure your website is up-to-date and secure.
  • Ongoing maintenance - We keep a check on things like performance too - all updates and maintenance to the system roll out to all websites taken out with us and are covered by the monthly/yearly subscription fee. This avoids situations where you pay a lot of money upfront for your site, but then need to pay extra charges for fixing things that either didn't fall under the scope of the original project, or have altered after launch and are no longer covered.
  • User error - A lot of reasons why websites go wrong is because of user error. Even if you know your way around the back-end of a website, it can still be easy to accidentally change something that ends up breaking the entire site! For that reason (and also so it's not totally overwhelming), we regulate what our users can and can't access when editing their website, and review this regularly. Finally, we're adding to our Knowledge-base all the time so that you know how to make any changes you need to.

It can be tempting when you already have an existing website that keeps breaking to simply patch it, or find some kind of quick fix...but from experience this is often a lot like playing Kerplunk. Sooner or later you're going to remove the wrong stick and the whole lot's going to come tumbling down! Sometimes, it really is better to start again.

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