I can set up a website but need help with the more technical bits

I can set up a website but need help with the more technical bits

If you are a cleaning business owner, you likely have experience in juggling a few different hats in the early days of your business...admin, sales calls, payroll...you may even have had a go at building a website for your cleaning business previously.

So what do you do when, essentially, you can manage to set up a business website yourself, but there are maybe some of the more tech bits that throw you off?

You can pay someone to build your new website, which would save you time too, but maybe that's out of budget right now or you do have some spare time you can devote to setting up your website.

The first thing to do if you suspect you can set up your own website for your cleaning business is to identify if there are any areas where you might run into problems or a steep learning curve, and then find a platform to support you with those possibilities. For example, you might identify that you struggle with:

  • Setting up domains and hosting environments
  • Installing and configuring plugins
  • Maintaining your website
  • Monitoring website performance
  • SEO
  • Getting traffic to your website

Cleaning Service Websites takes care of a number of these issues by giving you a website builder that's regularly updated and maintained, as well as taking care of hosting and available features for you.

We also offer a concierge service, so if you find that you do get stuck on some things like in the examples above, you can simply order the add-ons that you need and we'll take care of them for you.


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