Using Social Media To Market Your Cleaning Business

Do you currently use social media to market your cleaning business? Most cleaning businesses now have some sort of online presence - whether it's a Facebook Page, website or even on review sites.

Social media presence can work really well when teamed with a good website - use it to connect with potential customers, showcase reviews from existing customers, and share blog posts. This all helps drive traffic back to your website, where people can find out a bit more about your businesses and the services you offer.

You may have seen cleaning businesses choose to use a Facebook page exclusively to run their business and not have a website at all - this can work well in the early days, but theres a few things to consider...

  • Who are your customers? Many people automatically view businesses with websites as more trustworthy, reputable and professional. It's definetely the way to go if you're planning to expand the business from a one-person band in the future.
  • Once your business does grow larger, you're going to want to streamline your processes, which is something that your website can help with. You could add an online booking system, a staff login area for sickness, holidays etc, or have facilities for people to leave testimonials.
  • Many cleaning businesses find that focussing on 1 or 2 social channels works best for them, but maybe don't want to put all their eggs in one basket (Business Facebook page reach has been dropping dramatically and you need a solid strategy to be really successful). Also, the social playing fields change over time. 6 years ago, my cleaning business was thriving through my Twitter presence far above anything else, wheras nowadays that may not be the case. It all depends on your strategy and where your potential customers hang out the most.

Here are a couple of social media tips:

  • Make sure you don't just post a stream of self-promoting content; mix in with visuals, share useful and valuable content that your taget audience will want to consume, and interact with people. This is good to do on Twitter via weekly set Twitter hours.
  • Try to get inside you target customers head...what sorts of content are they likely to respond to and share with others? This is often things that make them look good in some way, or that maybe they have an emotional reaction to.
  • Display or feature as many testimonials as you can - especially for domestic cleaning where you need to enter the client's home; people are looking for someone that they can trust, as well as being reliable. Testimonials give your cleaning business social proof that you're already doing the same for others.

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